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Google's Insane Number of Servers Visualized

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You already just sort of know, logically and instinctively, that Google's got a ridiculous number of servers working for them. That doesn't make it any less mind-boggling when visualized. Get ready for a lot of scrolling.

Of course, not all servers are created equal—so "more" is a problematic word here. And I'm betting this wouldn't look quite so lopsided if big hitters like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon were represented. Regardless, though, such a massive difference of scale is incredibly impressive, even if not entirely surprising.


Note: Contrary to the graphic's description, iWeb is in fact a "worldwide provider of Internet hosting and IT infrastructure" based in Montreal, and not in any way affiliated with Apple. [Intac via Reddit; Data from Data Center Knowledge]