Google's Voice Search App Will Now Understand Five Languages At Once

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When it came to choosing a language to do a voice search with in the Google Search app, you were spoiled for choice. You could speak over 50 languages — anything from Arabic to Italian — and Google would still understand you. The problem was, you could only choose one language at a time. Until now.

According to a Google blog post, you can now choose up to five languages to do voice searches with. You can switch back and forth between any of them and — this is incredible — Google will still understand you.

Now, you can just make a small, one-time change to your settings, and then you can switch back and forth easily. Google will automatically detect which language you're using. (For now, you need to stick to one language per sentence though.) You can select up to five languages total—enough to satisfy all but the most advanced polyglots. Whether you get a spoken response from Google depends on the language you use and your query (and you'll see more languages and features added over time).


This only works in the Google Search app on Android for now. Give it a spin, polyglots. [Google]