Gotham Adds Two Major Villains And Explains Poison Ivy's Dumb New Name

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Gotham showunner Bruno Heler has dropped a ton of details about the pre-Batman show prior to ComicCon. Harvey Dent, the heroic DA destined to become Two-Face will join the cast, as will Dr. Hugo Strange, as Gotham is also an origin story for Arkham Asylum. But wait, there's more!

Happily, Heller denied the rumor that the show would introduce a potential Joker in every single episode, which is good, because that sounded terrible. There will still be multiple candidates, but they won't be shoehorned in like that.

As for the young Pamela Isley, who of course grows up to be the eco-villain Poison Ivy and whom Gotham inexplicably named Ivy Pepper, Heller tried to make it explicable in an interview with IGN:

It's really about being able to tell the secret histories of these stories. If you just re-tell stories exactly as they've been told before, whilst you're being true to the created mythology, you're not really adding anything to it. So you have to find ways of finding more. And in this case, we've set up a situation in which Ivy Pepper, her mom is sick, her dad is dead… She's going to go to the orphanage. And she's a nice young girl; relatively undamaged. And she will find people to adopt her. And then we will start on the Poison Ivy story that people are familiar with.


So Ivy gets adopted and her foster parents change her name? That may fly if she was an infant, but the Ivy of the show is like six or something. Changing her name is kind of messed up, isn't it? But maybe that's the point — her new parents adopt Ivy and then traumatize her into loving plant-based crime? But even in that case, making her original name Ivy is still ridiculously, painfully obvious. Also messed up: pretending changing Poison Ivy's original name to "Ivy Pepper" is "adding anything" to the mythos. The foster kid stuff? Sure. "Ivy Pepper"? No different from changing Oswald Cobblepot's name to Penn Gwynn.

[Via IGN]