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Graphene-Infused Bike Tires Automatically Get Softer While Cornering For Better Grip

Illustration for article titled Graphene-Infused Bike Tires Automatically Get Softer While Cornering For Better Grip

Graphene, that atomic-scale super material that promises to revolutionize everything from batteries to robots, is already improving the cycling world. Vittoria’s new graphene-infused Mezcal and Morsa bike tires are lightweight, thin, grippy, and everything a cyclist wants in a tire without any tradeoffs.


Choosing what tires to put on your bike usually depends on the conditions in which you’ll be riding. Larger tires provide better grip and durability, but add weight to a bike, while smaller tires are lighter and sleeker but wear out faster and provide minimal traction.

But by adding graphene—that wonder new material made of carbon atoms arranged in a strong honeycomb pattern—Vittoria’s new G+, or Graphene Plus, tires exhibit wonderful new properties. When riding on straightaways, the dual-layer makeup of the G+ tires allows them to remain firm for lower rolling resistance and added speed. But when a cyclist is braking or cornering, the tires get soft for added traction and grip.


Furthermore, even though the added graphene is just a few atoms thick, almost non-existant, the Vittoria’s new tires are also far more resilient. The company won’t specify just how many miles you can get from a new set, as riding style varies from cyclist to cyclist. But it’s yet another reason to justify upgrading your current tires.

[Vittoria via Popular Science]

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So how exactly does a layer of 2-8 atoms thick of graphine change the underlying properties of the rubber that it coats? Sounds a bit fishy to me.