Greatest music video ever about giant robots in anime

This animated music video for MC Frontalot's "I'll Form the Head" tells the story of my favorite kind of anime robot. They're the ones created by color-coded ninja teams who snap their armor together to form one, giant robot — you know, for fighting a malevolent galactic nematode.


This is from Frontalot's new album Solved, and features Dr Awkward and ZeaLouS1.

"I'll Form the Head" was directed by Carly Monardo, with designs, storyboards, animation, and compositing by Carly Monardo & Lauren Monardo Gramprey. Transformation sequence animation is by Danny Hynes, and backgrounds are by Jimmy Tran.

You can read all the lyrics on the YouTube page!



Greatest? I think not!

Beryllium baloney, I say!