As you may know, Gizmodo's been going through some serious changes. The site design, yes, but also in terms of design coverage and getting to the core of how our surroundings shape our lives. We're still the same straightforward and occasionally snarky Giz to the core, but in opening our arms to new ideas we've also welcomed some new faces into the fold.

So sure, you may have already liked Gizmodo the site on Facebook or followed us on Twitter (hint hint), but we're individuals too! So whether you love us or just want a more direct outlet to mercilessly harass us at your leisure, click on each staffer's name below to follow the latest stories, gadget news, hilarious jokes, and brilliant insights into everything from tech to tweens. Seriously. Do it. Now.

Geoff Manaugh, Editor-in-Chief

Meet our new dad. The brilliant mind behind BLDGBLOG and a former professor at Columbia, Geoff has taken the reigns to whip us into a mean, lean, tech-by-design-blogging machine. Follow him on twitter for the news on everything beautiful, surprising, and world-changing. But don't let his fancy background fool you, the man knows his way around a poop joke.

Brian Barrett, Managing Editor

Unofficially our Birmingham, Alabama, Bureau Chief, Brian makes sure we aren't just posting about puppies, booze, and poop jokes all day. He has a gentle touch, but I have it on good authority that he once killed a man over an absent Oxford comma.

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, Design Editor

Kelsey's from Canada. And Colorado and Pittsburgh and Texas—that's a lot of places! So there's a very good chance Kelsey is in the CIA, in which case we've already said too much and will likely be taken out soon. What we do know for sure, though, is that her taste in design and architecture is second to none, and she can play a mean game of Wizard Sticks, to boot. Trust us.

Alissa Walker, Urbanism Editor

Other than our new fearless leader, Alissa is the newest member of Team Giz, but she's blended in flawlessly. If you only know two things about Alissa, know that she's an avid gelato enthusiast and loves to walk—a lot. She even has a whole blog about it, in case you needed to feel more torpid than you already do. Also, we lied; there's something else you should know—as you can see, she's a dead ringer for David Bowie a la Labyrinth.

Adam Clark Estes, Senior Writer

Coming to us from an illustrious stint at both The Atlantic Wire and Vice's Motherboard, Adam's a seasoned tech vet with an eye for the politically and science-minded. Follow him for tweets about the latest advancements and all things interesting.

Matt Novak, Paleofuture

Matt comes to us from the absolutely awesome retro-futurism blog Paleofuture, which has now become its very own Giz Entity™. In fact, Matt actually started Paleofuture back in 2007 for a writing class in college. It remained a side project for a a few years until he was able to quit his day job and spend his time basking in the world of tomorrow from yesterday. The moral of the story? Stay in school, kids—because you might get your dream dropped in your lap without ever realizing it. Also, don't eat glue.

Casey Chan, Staff Writer

Casey Chan is our hilarious night man and the ultimate connoisseur of lobstrah (translation: lobster) stories. Over the past three days, Casey has entered our group chats using the following as greetings: "haylav," "washawasha," and "shawap." At least we think they're greetings—they could just be a prolonged series of tiny strokes! It's hard to know since Casey lives in LA. Only time will tell.

Andrew Tarantola, Staff Writer

Andy's kind of like a ninja lurking in the shadows most days. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's almost always quotable. Taste-wise, if something isn't animated and Japanese, he has no use for it. He's also read more manga than the totality of some American states.

Mario Aguilar, Staff Writer

Mario's is the only opinion on e-cigs you will ever need. Ok, and he's pretty good with cameras and audio equipment, too. And he loves sriracha. If you ever make him mad, just buy him a sriracha-flavored e-cig/wireless speaker/spy cam combo. You'll be back in his good graces in no time.

Leslie Horn, Staff Writer

Leslie is from Texas, and her family all buys matching pajamas for to sleep in on Christmas Eve. She also used one of her posts to reveal Big Boi as Gizmodo's Number 1 fan. Plus, fortunately for us, Leslie is highly gif-able. But if I post any of them here she will probably try to fire me again, so just take my word for it.

Eric Limer, Staff Writer

Eric mans one half of the weekend shift and spends the rest of his days banging away at Giz headquarters about torrent, Android, and all things gadgety. But that's not really important—what is important is the fact that he sings like an angel, as you can see here. (Editor's note: Ashley threatened me with "worse" if I remove that link and I trust her.) That's him. In the front. The one in the front singing like an angel. He makes us so proud. Oh, and don't ever ask him for advice. He'll just tell you to root it.

Jordan Kushins, Staff Writer

Jordan has ventured over to us from Co.Design and Dwell before that, as well as working some freelance gigs. But Jordan's path has covered far more than just writing about design, she once worked at a bar in London called Crazy Homies and played on her high school water polo team. The two may or may not have been related.

Ashley Feinberg, Editorial Assistant

Due to obvious conflict of interest, Eric Limer has graciously provided the following.


Second only to Nick Stango, Ashley makes the funniest Twitter of anyone on the team. Most of the time. One time she had a tweet blow up and she almost crumbled under the pressure. Her life-long struggle—aside from Candy Crush addiction—is hearing "Ashley" when people say "Actually." I'd show you her favorite GIF but I don't want anyone to get fired. It involves Justin Bieber and something vaguely cylindrical in shape.

Andrew Liszewski, Contributing Editor

Although seldom drunk, Andrew is actually Canadian. And although he writes his north-of-the-border tweets in Canadian, they're still easy for Americans to understand and surprisingly light on hockey and maple syrup references. He also tweets a lot of sweet YouTube videos. The photo you see on the right is also the only picture of him on the entire internet. Seriously. It's weird.

Jamie Condliffe, Contributing Editor

Jamie is a very smart person who is also British. Try reading all his tweets in the voice of Margaret Thatcher. Or in the voice of Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher, because who remembers Thatcher? Jamie does, he's old!

Michael Hession, Senior Video/Photo Editor

Michael—or "Hesh" as we call him—is the one behind the camera bringing you awesome footage of lifeless hover boards, malicious furbies, and every gadget under the sun. Hesh also has the best opinions—on everything. Don't try to fight it, he'll win. I know from experience.

Nicholas Stango, Assistant Video/Photo Editor

Nick is our resident Windows fanboy and isn't afraid to show it. He's also a fantastic awesome photographer and nearly impossible to catch without a camera strapped to his neck... or refusing to stop saying YOLO while drooling over Emma Watson. But he stood in line at 6am one day to buy cronuts for the team, so we love him anyway.

Brent Rose, Contributor

Brent has a multiple personality disorder. Not kidding. He's also our resident Yam enthusiast. Plus, he's done some awesome reporting from places like NASA, San Quentin, and the World Penis Pump Acceptance Institute.