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Hacker Controls This Rave-Approved LED Suit With an NES Power Glove

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Power Glove was the quirkiest little peripheral ever devised for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although if found only limited use on that platform, modern day tinkers with access to cheap and simple microcontrollers can now turn these 25-year-old video game artifacts into futuristic wearables.

YouTuber Greg Sowell posted a video detailing his rave-friendly creation that features the modified Power Glove. The LED strips are all hooked up into the old-school game controller, which acts as a switch to navigate through the suit's different settings. The design is a prototype and pretty rudimentary with no time or resources to design Iron Man-like suit, but the overall effect is still pretty trippy. Fast forward to the Power Glove light show around the 6:25 mark. Here's how the project came about per Sowell's website:

One of my favorite bands Hypercrush had a video where one of the guys was wearing a power glove that had lasers coming out of the ends. I had already made a light suit, and thought…what a waste. I thought "Why not control the suit with the power glove?" And thus it was born.


It would seem that modifying the Power Glove is a favorite pastime shared by many. Whether just making an awesome oven mitt or updating its internals for current-gen consoles, it holds a certain "this is the future" mystique. Unfortunately, it's a future that died out quickly, but with the advent of VR, is a future that might make a comeback. [YouTube via Hackaday]