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Hackers Leak Thousands of Passwords Because This Is How We Live Now

Illustration for article titled Hackers Leak Thousands of Passwords Because This Is How We Live Now

So, um, it's probably a good day to change your passwords. For everything. Anonymous (or some kid claiming to be part of Anonymous) supposedly made good on a promise to release about 13,000 passwords and credit card information for a couple dozen sites — including Amazon, Walmart, Hulu Plus, Playboy, and Xbox Live, among many others.


Update: Many people are questioning the authenticity of this hack. It looks more and more like it was some dumb troll who wanted attention using old credit card leaks. True or not, change your passwords for everything just to be safe. Better yet, throw all your devices that connect to the internet into a river and go start a utopian community or something. I assure you, you'll probably be happier. Just stay away from the Kool-Aid.

As the Daily Dot notes, some people have been hesitant to call this an official Anonymous hack. But since the organization is decentralized and leaderless, it's hard to say that anything is or isn't done in the name of Anonymous. You could right now go take a dump on your neighbor's porch and claim that you were part of Anonymous and no one would stop you. Well, your neighbor might try to stop you. But you get the point.


The Daily Dot also has a pretty comprehensive list of sites that you might want to change your passwords for. Also, be on the look-out for any weird charges. Just 13,000 usernames and passwords isn't a huge hack, but they targeted plenty of sites that you probably use. Oh and lots of porn sites that you may want to just let your... friend... know about... [Daily Dot]

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"We did for the Lulz"? What is this, 2006?