JJ Abrams’s rotundly adorable new BB-8 droids are already primed to steal the spotlight in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But if you were wondering whether the droids could get any cuter, the answer is, yes, if Apple got involved.

Designer Martin Hajek, who also brought us the Apple-ized lightsaber, has just unveiled his latest design: An Apple-approved BB-8 droid that comes in silver, gold and gray. (At least, it would, if Apple ever decides to release a consumer robot.) The striking new feature is a digital touchscreen crown that, like all your other i-gadgets, looks like it can play movies and music, although the familiar Apple icons are sure to befuddle Jedis. For those who prefer a classic viewing experience, it retains the droid’s signature holographic projector. And oh, look! It’s even got a protruding iPhone camera for an eye.

Cute? Yes. Portent of an Apple robot invasion to come? Only time will tell.

All images reproduced with permission from Martin Hajek.

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