Don't you wish your furniture looked more like the surface of the Earth? No? Well maybe you should, because holy crap—it is beautiful when done well. And designer Greg Klassen does it well.

This Washington-based furniture maker handpicks timber from around the Pacific Northwest that he sculpts into intriguingly rough yet strikingly sophisticated pieces. Klassen's latest fascination involves joining the rough sides of two wooden slabs with a piece of carefully cut, blue-tinged glass. The effect looks like a stream running through a canyon. That's surely why he calls this line the River Collection.

With prices starting at $3,600, the tables are expensive but one of a kind. Klassen also offers custom designs as well as some pretty affordable cutting boards, some of which are made from the remnants of the River Collection pieces. That's right. Even the scraps are beautiful. [Greg Klassen via Colossal]