Science is awesome because it can prove things like how red meat makes people happy. And cure diseases. And discover new ways to look at life. And solve problems. We need science. But science sucks when they destroy your childhood and say things like Pluto's not a planet and that dinosaurs had freaking feathers. For those things, I don't care what's scientifically correct. I want to believe!

ADHD made this pretty good (and really, really vulgar) bit that yells and screams at science for teaching us one thing and then refuting what they just taught us. Yes, we all love science and we all should be smarter but sometimes there's a line that science should just not cross. Feathers on a dinosaur? That's the line. That's when every single science thing gets a big FU.


Watch out for the language in this video if you don't like creative ways in saying FU. Seriously, you'll be offended. [ADHD]