Was this the Year of the GIF? That's what some English dictionary said. Whatever. Every year is the Year of the GIF. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. The people of the internets voted for the very best GIFs of 2012, and here they are!

Sure, we are leaving a lot out, and that's where you come in: Post your best of bestest in the comments!

The Summer Games left us many GIF jewels. This sweet moment with Usain Bolt was one of them.

And then there was Michelle Jenneke.

The next Tarantino movie will be good, but this shot of Leo makes it all worth it with this single moment.

Hey, it's Kate Upton and one of her neverending GIFs. You know the ones. The ones that every man in the planet keeps watching again and again.

Probably one of the most hilarious GIFs of the year.

My favorite cat GIF by far.

And my favorite dog.

Never in history has disappointment been captured in such perfect way.

This was a meme at the beginning of the year: Batman and Robin running in front of a thousand things.

If there's any GIF that makes me want to snuggle with a dog, this is it.

Avengers was probably the biggest blockbuster of the year. This was its funniest moment.

If this duck doesn't make you happy, you are a jerk.

This idiot jumping kind of hurts, but it's utterly satisfying at the same time.

This one makes me cringe, but it's impossibly hypnotizing.

Oh Kim, please never change.

Obviously, this is not a real video, but it's a masterful and hilarious fake. Badass Obama.

The tiger in his pool is a neverending factory of GIF awesomeness.

Baumgartner jump. One of my favorite moments of 2012.

Lana del Rey's performance in Saturday Night Live was atrocious. And of course, people made delightful fun of it.

The Tupac hologram wasn't as atrocious, but people made fun of it anyway.

The cliffhanger of one of the best series in the history of television: Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen it, don't read what the book says. It's a big spoiler.

Another one of someone falling.

Look at the Lakers Bros. Then look at them again. Keep looking. It's hypnotizing.

Bonus: Everyone loved this space Kim so much that some wanted to propose it for a GIF Pulitzer, so I'm including it.