Harley Quinn's Season 3 'Eat, Bang, Kill Tour' Is Coming... Eventually

Harley Quinn came to DC's Fandome to let everyone know that season 3 is going to be even bigger and badder.

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Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in two chic new dresses.
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in two chic new dresses.
Screenshot: HBO Max

While there were many new sights to be seen and announcements to be made at this year’s DC Fandome, the Harley Quinn’s creative team sent their animated headline to the digital expo to let the everyone know that while she appreciates everyone being excited for the show’s upcoming third season, animation takes time, and the nerds are just going to have to wait before seeing a full trailer.

That being said, though, DC Fandome’s brief Harley Quinn segment didn’t leave viewers entirely dry thanks to a surprisingly-lengthy sizzle reel spotlighting some of what’s going to take place when the show makes its eventual return. In Harley Quinn’s season two finale, Harley finally worked up the courage to tell Poison Ivy how she really felt about her, which was all it took to convince Ivy to ditch Kite Man on the altar, and elope with her new clown girlfriend. The second season’s Thelma & Louise-y ending left some uncertainty about how Harley Quinn might pick back up, but the sizzle reel makes clear that when the show returns, it’s going to spent at least some time following Harley and Ivy as they settle into their new relationship.

There are a couple of different ways to interpret the significance of Harley and Ivy’s “eat, bang, kill tour,” but from the way Jim Gordon talks about the part, it seems as if they’re going to set out on a chaotic crime spree that’ll put Gotham’s other villains to shame. While most everything about the teaser points to Harley Quinn’s third season being a return to its familiar antics, what’s going to be particularly exciting to see is how the show handles new characters like Amanda Waller who feels like a perfect fit for the show’s tone and sensibilities. There’s no word yet on when specifically to expect it, but Harley Quinn’s third season will hit HBO Max at some point in 2022.


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