Banksy, the mysterious (er, kind of mysterious) British street artist who popularized stencils in the 2000s, is in New York this month to stage a 30-day exhibit that takes place entirely on the streets. His first piece, yesterday, has already been painted over. But we were able to locate today's feature, which is hidden below the High Line.

Without a known map, there's no way to follow the show beyond word of mouth. But once you find the day's spot, fans can dial an accompanying toll-free number to access an audio guide introducing each day's new piece with a satirical explanation of the image. (“The children in this case represent youth, and the sign represents, well, signs," explains the guide of yesterday's piece):

The second piece in the show appeared today at 25th Street, under the High Line. It's a lot smaller than it looks from the photo he put on the show's Instagram, and presumably he's just warming up—hopefully, the next one will be bigger.


It only makes sense that Banksy would choose Chelsea as an early location—it's highly trafficked by tourists and locals alike, and it's home to many of the city's art galleries. See it while you can, since it's likely about to be altered or tagged by local artists. Which, given the ubiquity of Banksy's work, might actually be more interesting than the real thing. [Better Out Than In]