Relatedly, Jeremy Renner teased the coming of Kate Bishop on Twitter.



Spoiler TV has titles for the first five episodes of Legacies’ third season.

Legacies - Episode 3.01 - We’re Not Worthy

Legacies - Episode 3.02 - Goodbyes Sure Do Suck

Legacies - Episode 3.03 - Salvatore: The Musical!

Legacies - Episode 3.04 - Hold on Tight

Legacies - Episode 3.05 - This is What It Takes

Swamp Thing

Adrienne Barbeau makes her glorious return to Swamp Thing in the trailer for next week’s CW airing of, “Long Walk Home.

Nancy Drew

Finally, Nancy Drew prepares for another supernatural mystery in the trailer for season two— one which includes an interesting-looking ghost with what appears to be a naturally occurring “crown” of bone at the 49-second mark.


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