Hayley Atwell Thinks There's Still Hope for More Agent Carter

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After two seasons, Agent Carter is sadly no more. Or is it? Peggy herself wants to take up the fight to keep hope for more spyfi adventures alive—and she’ll do whatever it takes to do so.

Atwell’s comments come from her appearance at MegaCon last weekend, where naturally she spent a great deal of time discussing Agent Carter’s untimely passing. But according to the actress, no matter where the series ends up, or what it takes (especially now that she’s headlining ABC’s legal drama Conviction), she’ll be there to give it an actual ending:


Obviously, this is nothing official—it’s just Atwell saying she’d be up foranother chance to play Peggy once more. Actors love gainful employment! But still it’s nice to know that the star wants to give everyone’s favorite SSR agent a proper goodbye. We certainly wouldn’t say no to getting more Agent Carter.