HBO's How To Make It In America is Like a Free Drink at an Art Opening

Meaning, awesome. This Valentine's Day, grab your girlfriend or your girlfriend pillow and tune in to HBO for the premiere of How To Make It In America, a show about two 20-somethings hustling to make it in downtown NYC. Check out the trailer!

How To Make It In America focuses on the urban adventures of Ben (Bryan Greenberg), an aspiring designer who has seen previous passion projects derailed by fate and fortune, and Cam (Victor Rasuk), Ben's best friend, a free spirit and would-be future mogul, who takes it upon himself to get Ben "back in the game" after his breakup with girlfriend Rachel (Lake Bell), an interior decorator now dating a hot hotelier named Darren (Jason Pendergraft). In addition to scouring the downtown NYC scene for business and romantic connections, Ben and Cam follow a number of leads on a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, mostly in the ultra-competitive fashion industry. Among those who rub shoulders with Ben and Cam are Domingo (Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi), a well-connected street pal; Gingy (Shannyn Sossaman), who runs a downtown art gallery; David Kaplan (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a hedge-fund manager and high-school acquaintance who may prove useful as an investor; and Edie (Martha Plimpton), Rachel's eccentric interior-decorator boss.

Bonus cupid's arrow to your cold, cold heart: Luis Guzmán co-stars as Rene Calderon, Cam's reprobate cousin, who just got out of jail and is eying his own get-rich scheme involving an energy drink.


How To Make It In America premieres this Sunday at 10 pm EST. Catch it every Sunday after Big Love. Find out more here.

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