Henckels' Absolutely Striking Magnetic Knife Block

Illustration for article titled Henckels Absolutely Striking Magnetic Knife Block

Displaying one's prized knives on magnets has grown so trendy it's already tiresome. But when those magnets are hidden within a properly angled slab of wood? It's absolutely striking.


Available for $80 later this year (knives not included), there's just one catch to knife manufacturer J.A. Henckels' display: It's just a display. At first glance, I thought it could double as a cutting board (and idea that's really not so crazy, if you think about it...until you realize there are magnets inside that could cause you to slice off a thumb while dicing an onion).

Then again, if you've spent far to much on your knives to hide them away in a drab block, I'm not sure anyone will blame you for prizing form over function. [JA Henckels]

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Mark, what happens when you are cutting in 2012 and the Earths magnetic poles flip? Then it will shoot the knives at you!