Henry Cavill as The Witcher's Geralt Is a Sight to Behold

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As surprising as it was to learn that Superman himself was Netflix’s top pick for Geralt in its upcoming live-action adaptation of The Witcher, what’s even more bewitching is what the actor looks like as the titular Witcher.

Netflix has just released a teaser production footage of Cavill on set looking, well, very much like Geralt with silky, silver locks that would put Legolas to absolute shame.


Netflix also announced the casting for a number of The Witcher’s key characters. Twin Peaks’ Eamon Farren joins as intelligence officer Cahir, Knightfall’s Joey Batey will play Jaskier the bard, House of Cards’ Lars Mikkelsen is Stregobor the Kovirian wizard Stregobor. Anna Shaffer is also set to play sorceress Triss.

The teaser doesn’t at all give us an idea of what the series’ take on the rest of The Witcher’s expansive world is going to look like but hot damn, that wig might be just enough to make you forget mustachegate.