Take a Tour of the Very Worst TSA Lines

Holiday weekends always suck for traveling but this one should be particularly hellacious. The TSA’s troubles won’t be resolved anytime soon, and lines are so long in some places that airlines have resorted to building their own customized checkpoint systems.


Happy travels! And remember, it’s all your fault.

Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.



Just an observation. I went to a concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles this past Wednesday. It seems that a place like Staples has enough security and entrances to screen 20,000 people in half an hour. I’m sure this is a common experience for people who go to well organized venues with large attendance. Dodger Stadium can screen 50,000 people a day in the course of an hour. Is what the TSA does inherently more difficult than private security firms that do a decent enough job? Can they make TSA’s job easier? No TSA agent on stadium security is going to stop a bomb attack so why are we just ruining the air travel industry?