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Here it is: Your official all-singing, all-dancing Baby Groot Toy!

Illustration for article titled Here it is: Your official all-singing, all-dancing Baby Groot Toy!

Guardians of the Galaxy fans, long have we waited for a potted, groovin' Groot of our very own, and now the wait is almost over. Marvel have finally lifted the lid on their version of Dancing Groot - and he'll be out by Christmas!


Exclusively revealed by Mashable, the toy is a collaboration between Marvel and electronic toymaker KIDdesigns - and will of course, play a version of the Jackson 5's I Want You Back as he wiggles around. Check him out in the video below (warning, the music, which is distinctly not the Jackson 5, is pretty loud):


I kinda wish the pot was plain and his movement was a little less rigid, but still, it's not bad for a little sentient tree pal of your own (although the fan made Groots are still the best). But it's finally here!

Dancing Groot will retail for $14.99, and should be in stores just in time for the Holidays.

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Looks rushed-to-production and cheap. Which is silly, considering the much better fan-made versions we've seen already.