In some parts of Norway, the sun stays away for three long months of winter. While in Russia, the answer might be UV baths, the sun's absence in Scandinavia has inspired designers Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad to create Traveling Sun, a mobile multihued LED light sculpture that stands in for the sun.

Traveling Sun is a sculpture that's 10 feet in diameter and can be hung from a building or strapped to a vehicle, for a little roving light. It's colors vary from bright yellow in the to a deep fuchsia, much like the real sun. It even looks like its radiating heat, although that's just an illusion made by the warm colors of the big ball of light.


The sculpture was on display at London Design Week's 100% Norway show last week, but before that, it traveled through Norwegian towns on a boat and a truck. It's a lovely sculpture, but it doesn't make it any less hard to live without the sun for an entire quarter of a year. [Traveling Sun via DesignBoom]