Here's How You Can Get Disney+ for $4 a Month

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There are still two and a half months before Disney launches its new streaming service, but if you are ready to commit to the platform, and Disney’s fan club, then you can get Disney+ for cheaper than Netflix and Hulu.


When Disney+ launches on November 12, it will cost $6.99 a month. For comparison, Netflix’s plans go for $9 to 16, and Hulu’s offerings cost between $6 and $12 each month.

But Disney is offering an opportunity to get the service for less, so long as you join its fan club, D23.

Business Insider reports that Disney is offering D23 members in the U.S. a discount on three-year subscriptions to Disney+. The offer is extended to old members, or members who join now—and there is a free tier. The membership page is currently down, likely due to a rush of people trying to join.

A Disney spokesperson told Gizmodo that if D23 members can sign up for Disney+ by September 2, and make a three-year commitment, then they will get $23 off per year, or $140.97 for three years. That three-year commitment costs slightly less than one year of Netflix’s most popular plan, which costs $13 a month.

Disney+ will feature all-new original Star Wars and Marvel shows. In addition to those two juggernaut cinematic universes, the service will host the House of Mouses’ many franchises, including Pixar films and National Geographic programs. Dish subscribers who love NatGeo might want to get in because Disney is warning that the channel could go dark soon over a failure to agree on a new contract. That’s life in a world where one company’s tentacles reach into countless arenas and it has all the negotiating power. A lesson Peter Parker recently learned the hard way.


This deal obviously isn’t for everyone and it comes with a very narrow window if you want to take advantage of it. For everyone else, take it as a sign of how hard Disney is willing to push to crush the competition.

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They’re the Empire, they’re Paul Reiser in Aliens, they’re evil and bad and they can go fuck themselves
It’s a very small token of resistance, but I’ll be stealing their shit online

I’ll be getting everything I want to watch from Disney+ at four dollars less per month than $4/month

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