Massive new cargo ship holds enough containers to fill Times Square

How big is the new Triple-E cargo ship? The containers from one fully loaded vessel would fill Times Square and rise as high as the skyscrapers. Imagine trying to get that thing in and out of port! And then stop imagining it and watch this actual video of the Mc-Kinney Moller piloted into what looks like a toy port.

Here's How You Park the World's Biggest Container Ship The newly constructed Triple-E line of cargo ships from Emma Maersk are massively, enormously huge vessels. They dwarf even the mightiest aircraft carriers, displacing some 165,000 metric tons, so parking one can be just a wee bit of a challenge. But the crew aboard the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller make it look easy, even thought its the ship's maiden voyage and her first time ever pulling into port.

And you thought your Suburban was a headache.