Han, Leia, Luke? Check. Droids? Check. Darth Vader? Check. Stormtroopers? Check, Check and Check. Lightsabers? Check. Blasters? Check. Wookiee butt? Definitely Check. Millenium Falcon? Check! Good job, Marvel, you got all the Star Wars.

The new cover is a variant for the company's first new Star Wars comic after Disney took the license away from Dark Horse comics earlier this year. Here's the wraparound in its full glory:

Other than the fact that it's drawn by Marvel CCO himself, Joe Quesada, there's not much you can say about this jam-packed cover other than the fact that it is very, very Star Warsy. I mean, it's pretty cluttered, but that's going to happen when you try to pack so much Star Wars imagery into a comic book cover. But it's pretty! I'm especially a fan of Leia re-accessorising her A New Hope dress with a shorter skirt and a blaster holster. Stylish and practical!

Star Wars #1 is due out in January 2015. You can read a little more from Quesada discussing creating the cover over at the Star Wars Blog, linked below.


[Star Wars Blog]

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