Adidas Pure Boost: Wearing This Shoe Is Like Running On Air

The Home of the Future—the house we're building here in New York starting next week—must have a closet. And what is a closet without a sick pair of running shoes? Enter Adidas Pure Boost, the kicks that will have you up and running at your highest ability.


Pure Boost—arguably Adidas's version of the Nike Free—is a fresh sneaker that weighs just 8.3 ounces for men and 6.3 ounces for women. It has a comfortable, flush Boost cushioning all along the bottom of the shoe, for even support and weight distribution. The sole isn't the only part of the story though—the upper portion of the shoe is made from a four-way stretch liner that breathes in a way that makes you feel like you're not really wearing a shoe at all. Along those lines, you don't even have to wear a sock with these kicks. Wearing them feels like you're wearing nothing on your feet at all. (Trust me, I've been wearing them around for the past two days, and these things feel fantastic).

Pure Boost is the shoe of the future. It goes on sale for $120 on May 14. And you can see them for yourself at our Home of the Future May 17-21.

We'll have Adidas's head of running Mikal Peveto here starting around 2pm EST to answer all your questions about designing the shoe of the future.


Home of the Future is an event Gizmodo is staging here in New York City May 17-21. We want you to join us! Find out all the details here.

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