Hey, That's Not How You Build a Log Cabin

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Your ordinary log cabin is laid out with lengthwise logs stacked to make its outer walls. Piet Hein Eek, charged with building a cozy recording studio for friend and musician Hans Liberg, did not make any ordinary log cabin.

This log cabin isn't even really that: the log facade just covers a plastic and steel frame. It isn't what you'd expect on the inside, either. Instead of dark, dingy room with a stove in the corner, Hein Eek's cabin conceals a clean, bright, and quiet modern recording studio.


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Passers by might mistake the structure for a pile of logs, but they'll know something's up when Liberg props open all the unique, top-hinged windows on the sides of the pile. If they're still not impressed, they will be when the shack rolls away; it has wheels and can be hitched to an automobile for relocation, if Liberg ever gets tired of the view.


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