High Score: The Best of Kotaku

The week in Kotaku: John Madden finally gets something right and it's not an Ace Hardware commercial line-reading. EA's NFL franchise cashcow programmatically predicted that the Steel Curtain, fueled by Cowher Power, would win the Super Bowl and it was right. That's the Pittsburgh Steelers I'm talking about. Sorry. The 2006 NFL Super Bowl XL champions did indeed turn out to be the Steelers, despite playing a marginally interesting game. Screens of the virtual action were right here.

Our fearless leader Brian went to amazing lengths to make a fool of himself, showing that it's quite possible to (almost) sync up Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution Party for some serious musical embarrassment. Get your nightvision goggles and a pair of earplugs for Kotaku's strongest video since its inception.


Blizzard continued to catch heat for their don't-ask-don't-tell guild policy that prohibits gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender identifiers. The Lambda Legal group began its private investigation of the legal ramifications of "discrimination" against World of Warcraft players who, you know, are, like, gay and stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Really. Don't sue me, please. Some of my best friends... oh, I'll shut up now.

Thompsonsoft released the best, most disturbing, freely distributed video game to ever come from the mind of a litigious Miami lawyer, "I'm O.K.". How's that for a box quote? Shoot little girls in the face, brain dogs, face the wrath of grenade wielding lawyers—all in 16-bit glory. It's already 2006's first "must see".


Metal Gear stud Hideo Kojima also squashed rumors that Alone In The Dark director Uwe Boll would forever tarnish the tightly controlled Konami franchise with a C-level film adaptation. No word on who would be given the directors chair, but I think most of us are just glad its not going to be "from the man who brought you Bloodrayne".


Finally, speculation ran rampant when Blizzard posted job openings for an unannounced PC title from the team that brought us Diablo and Diablo II. Everyone, including the Kotaku staff, summarily wet themselves, then waited with baited breath for anything official from the Blizzard PR department. Sadly, nothing has been confirmed yet, but watch this space!


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