High Score: The Best of Kotaku

The biggest news at video game sister site Kotaku was the biggest hardware launch since the PSP along with the biggest Rockstar bomb ever dropped.

The Nintendo DS Lite finally launched in Japan and Kotaku was there, through thick and thin, from the highs and lows, from disappointment to near defeat. But we got one — and one lucky Kotaku reader is going to call it his or her own.

The lovely cosplayer for hire Princess Peach stopped by to defend her womanhood earlier in the week. She seems like good people.


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Mark Ecko, king of sweatshirts with rhinos on them and amateur video game maker ripped into gamers who don't like "urban" games. Worse than Helmut Lang wearing fashion divas? I think not, Mr. Ecko!

Microsoft leaked its portable brick... err, multimedia/gaming/creativity device codenamed "Origami" via a bit of online Flash video. It's shown playing Halo at a few frames per second amid tons of "lifestyle" video. Is there a market for this thing?


An eagle-eyed Kotaku reader snapped a pic of this seemingly raunchy PSP ad spied in the London underground. What does this even mean?


The biggest PC game of all-time is a game called World of Warcraft. Well, there has been much speculation that WoW was headed to the Xbox 360 and its Live service, but Blizzard nipped that in the bud, saying the MMO is strictly PC.


But the week's biggest news to drop was around Rockstar's exclusive Xbox 360 title. After much build up, it was finally revealed on Friday. Table Tennis. Yes, ping pong. The gaming world was shocked at its very core!


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