Homestar Runner Is Coming Back To Life!

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This April, for the first time in many years, Michael and Matthew Chapman, released a brand new Homestar Runner cartoon. It was wonderful. And now, here's even better news: the flash cartoon website will be churning back to life full time. Eeeeeemail!

According to Vulture, Matt Chapman dropped this wonderful news on the Jeff Rubin podcast, stating that the April Fool's video was an attempt to test the waters again. And the response was overwhelming, so now they're ready to bring us all more Homestar, Coach Z, Strong Bad, Marzipan, Pom Pom and more. We cannot wait.

Champman also confessed that they have new ideas for the Strong Bad email: "It depends on how whole-hog we go, if we give Strong Bad a Twitter or Strong Sad a Tumblr." Hey as long as there's new Teen Girl Squad, we're in.