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Hopefully A Victoria's Secret Model Will Help GQ Sell More Than 365 iPad Apps

Illustration for article titled Hopefully A Victorias Secret Model Will Help GQ Sell More Than 365 iPad Apps

GQ's app looks good, but it's not exactly flying off the iTunes App Store shelves: The December 2009 issue only sold 365 iPad copies. Solution? Slap Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr on the next cover and hope for the best.


Of course while we lament about the iPad app's poor sales, the iPhone version isn't doing all that much better in comparison either:

The version for the Apple handset sold 7,000 issues of the December 2009 issue compared to 240,000 newsstand and 667,000 subscriber issues.


Youch. I don't know if Miranda Kerr will be able to fix those numbers. Now, Heidi Klum on the other hand would be a whole different story. [Min Online via BI via Cult of Mac]

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Why wasn't there any text with this article?


It was around the photo? Huh.

Anyway, it's great how this makes it in the app store, but smaller developers have to feature women in burkas.