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Gizmodo Isn't Going Anywhere

Illustration for article titled Gizmodo Isnt Going Anywhere

Hey, have you read the news? Gizmodo and io9's parent company Gawker Media Group is filing for Chapter 11. What this means, in short: The company continues normal operations while restructuring itself, and while the highers-up do the restructuring, we’ll focus on the normal operations part.


If you had any doubt: Gizmodo and io9 are still here, we’re still thriving, and we’re still going to be delivering the best technology, science, and entertainment coverage you know and love us for. More investigations into the world’s biggest tech companies like our recent Facebook series. More deep dives into vital scientific breakthroughs like our coverage of gravitational waves. And more absurdly astute and nerdy movie trailer breakdowns and Game of Thrones recaps. For as long as science fiction continues to be produced, for as long as the Earth continues to orbit the Sun, for as long as technology companies in need of honest coverage continue to will Gizmodo and io9.

Thanks for reading.

Katie is the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo.

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I’m too old and I’m too lazy to find a new bunch of sites to waste time on and use fucking Disqus. These sites are incredible with one of the best user bases around. Fuck Peter Thiel and fuck every Internet rando who thinks a billionaire fighting a proxy war in a court of law and bankrupting a company is somehow “karma”.

I feel like Methuselah. I’ve been a commenter on io9 for a decade. I’ve been through so many changes in site design, staff, comment system... I’m here until the end. I love this place. I am gutted that it’s coming to this. But I’ve stuck around through so much that I’m in this for the long haul.