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How Does Nike's New Fuelband Compare to Its Toughest Competition?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nike's newest iteration of its signature activity tracker seems... fine. It's slightly more water resistant, it has some new tapping functions, and it's added Bluetooth 4.0. That's good! But the real question is whether it's enough of an upgrade to keep up with an increasingly crowded field of activity trackers. Here's how it compares.

Based on specs alone, it's a fairly even field, although the Fuelband SE falters at maybe the most important feature: battery life. Its listed battery life pales in comparison to the Fibit Force, Withings Pulse, and the Jawbone UP, which isn't great news for a gadget that's intended to be worn at all times forever and always. But that's pretty much the only significant difference between the six. Other than that, your decision basically boils down to cost, and whether or not you want an actual display.


Overall, the Fitbit Force seems to be pulling rank, which is in line with our review. Specs are only part of the story though; we'll see how the Fuelband SE does with real-world testing soon enough.