The Dopest Show You Can Watch Tonight: High Maintenance Is Back

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Fire up your vaporizers, bring out your bongs, unwrap your edibles, and take a deep inhale of the dankest entertainment goodness to ever grace your screen. High Maintenance is back today, with three new installments delivered directly to your door. Er, computer.


If you haven't yet seen the greatest show not on television, High Maintenance is the story of a pot dealer —the "guy"—summoned by text to bring herbal joy to all the good girls and boys. He arrives on bike about 45 minutes later (give or take) and is invited into the homes of his clients to make his deliveries, thus stumbling into the middle of these bizarre and beautiful little vignettes of New York life. But this isn't stoner comedy; it's probably one of the most authentic representations of urban life circa 2014.

Husband and wife Ben Sinclair, who also plays the "guy," and Katja Blichfeld, former casting director for 30 Rock, have been making the show since 2012, so hours of earlier seasons are also available to watch online. But I've been anxiously awaiting this day since Vimeo announced it had acquired High Maintenance as its first-ever original series. Three new episodes are up now for $1.99 each, with three more to post soon, and I'm very happy to fork over the cash to its creators for such excellent product. The hardest part is not consuming all of the extra-short episodes at once. Which I guess could also be said about a hand-delivered quarter-ounce of quality sativa. [Vimeo]

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