The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Goes Off-Road With the RC Weiner Rover

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is easily the most distinct and recognizable vehicle roaming the country. But that fragile fiberglass body means it’s not really designed for off-road adventures. So to spread hot dog propaganda to hikers, campers, and picnickers, there’s now a smaller RC version of that iconic weiner-shaped truck known as the Weiner Rover.

It’s not unlike the remote control rovers that NASA sends to explore distant planets. But instead of helping mankind gain a further understanding of our universe, the Weiner Rover plows through picnics, jumps over barbecues, and delivers hot dogs to hungry wilderness seekers. So in terms of their value to humanity, they’re about equal.


The Weiner Rover isn’t quite as large as the 27-foot long original Weinermobile, but at 43-inches it’s still pretty hefty as far as RC toys go. And it’s got a set of monstrous air-filled tires that let it safely land jumps, and traverse rough terrains while still protecting its precious hot dog cargo.

Don’t expect to see Oscar Mayer trying to sell the Weiner Rover to the public, though. It’s a unique one-off creation just like the original Weinermobile that was also never sold to the public, much to many people’s chagrins. And after watching this video you’re probably asking yourself the same question we did: where’s the flying Weiner Drone? [Twitter - Oscar Meyer]

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