How many shots from an assault rifle can a ceramic body armor plate take before breaking?

Can body armor stand up to an assault rifle? Can a ceramic plate not shatter against the bullets of an AR-15 and AK-47 hybrid weapon? Demolition Ranch investigated by shooting the crap out of the body armor to see how long it takes for a bullet to pierce and penetrate through.


He used an ARAK-21 XRS gun which is a hybrid AR-15 and AK-47 to shoot at the ceramic body armor. The body armor has a ceramic layer that is supposed to break up the bullet and a composite layer of fabrics to theoretically catch the bullet. It took around 8 rounds to finally penetrate the armor.

Body armor works! To a point.

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So, he just leaves the gun pointed down range, loaded and without the safety on lying on that bench while he goes to check on the body armor? Maybe they edited that boring “safety” stuff out, but it’s making me cringe like crazy every time he does it.