Little Robots Turn Marker Squiggles Into Sound

Illustration for article titled Little Robots Turn Marker Squiggles Into Sound

All the little droids zipping around the Star Wars universe seemed sort of frantically aimless. Where were they going? These little robots look similar but their mission is clear. Follow the black circuits and turn untold scribbling into music.


Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki created "Looks Like Music" based on a previous project, "Colour Chaser". The new work translates colorful markings, added by the artist or viewers, into sounds that have different timbres, volumes, and pitches. Visitors can add to the black circuits the robots are following or add color to change a robot's tune. Suzuki got interested in creating electronic music as part of his art in 2008 when his hard drive died and he lost his MP3 library. Definitely one way to deal with it. [Creative Applications]



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