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How to Swap Facebook's New Reaction Emojis With the Emoji of Your Choice

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Why “like” something with a thumbs-up or smiley face, when you can say it with Donald Trump’s spray-tanned mug or a startled Pikachu?

Facebook Reactions have only been live for a little over a week, but there’s already a fun new extension for Firefox and Chrome that lets you replace the standard emojis with Pokémon or close-up expressions of the leading Republican presidential candidate. You can even upload your own pack of reaction emoji.


It’s called Reaction Packs. Simply download the plugin, and then go to its website to pick which new Reactions you want popping up on Facebook on your computer.


Head back to Facebook, refresh the page, and those drab yellow smileys have been switched with images that truly capture the full spectrum of human emotion. Now if only there were a tool that took us back to the single Like option, when life was simpler.

[Reaction Packs via The Next Web]

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