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How to Wrap Any Gift

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Some people wake up spewing Pinterest out their fingertips. For the rest of us, thank god for YouTube. Wrapping presents doesn't exactly come easy, so we dug up a couple of solid tutorials for how to wrap your Christmas gifts like you're Martha.


For a straightforward how-to, Real Simple's YouTube channel has you covered:

Need a more creative idea? Try one of the creative DIY methods here:

Extra-large presents require extra-careful wrapping. Martha Stewart has some advice for your good things don't come in small packages this year:

This is Mae. She is adorable, and she will teach you the Japanese-inspired art of diagonally wrapping a gift with a lot less paper:

Out of tape? No problem! Just follow this (not-so-simple) guide. Warning, it might take two or three tries to get it down:

So there. Now you can teach yourself how to at least get paper around a gift in a passable way, or maybe end up as fodder for Pinterest Fails. And the good news is, this stuff is going to end up ripped open in a few days anyway.


Image credit: Shutterstock/nata-lunata

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I waste so much paper wrapping tiny boxes the same way I wrap giant boxes. They should make adjustable-size paper rolls. ...somehow.