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HP Slate Tablet Rears its Square-Edged Head in Leaked Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Admittedly, we're more keen on HP's webOS tablet, or even the ditched Android tablet (basically, anything other than Windows 7!), but this leaked Slate video does suggest that maybe it will wind up in the hands of consumers after all.


I mention that, because last we heard about the 8.9-inch Slate (which was first announced at CES in January), HP's VP said it'd be for enterprise only, meaning people like you and I wouldn't be able to buy it. Not that many of us would want to, with it running Windows 7 and the specs being most underwhelming, in comparison to the iPad and the crop of Android tablets due soon.


Nonetheless, clamp your eyes on the leaked video below, which shows a HD look at the "pretty light, very fast" Slate. I'm not sure so many buttons are needed on the edges, if I'm honest, but the quick-keyboard button is a nice trick (and the on-screen keyboard itself looks like it'd make typing easy, to steal some of Christine McVie's lyrics).

I'm just not sold on the hardware, but what do you think? It looks chunky, despite it being only 0.6mm fatter than the iPad. Perhaps it's the square edges, which do nothing for its "keyboardless netbook" reputation. [Thanks, Henry!]