HTC Suffers Redface With its First Android 2.0 Phone, Passion, Delayed

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Our dreams of an HTC-shaped Android 2.0 device launching before Christmas now lie in tatters, with Digitimes reporting that the oft-leaked, much-hyped Passion has been delayed by several months to an early 2010 on-sale date.

It must be pretty embarrassing for HTC, with Motorola beating them to the Android 2.0 finish line with its Droid already on sale and performing admirably well. The Passion will be the first Android 2.0 device HTC releases, but by the time it goes on sale it's fair to expect it could be running on 2.1 by then. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz chip, the OLED screen has been sized to 3.5-inches and as you can see from the leaked pics, it comes in a nice graphite shade. It's purdy, in other words.


It's not the only leaked HTC handset we've been privy to, thanks to the leaked roadmap of 2010 launches hitting the net yesterday, and up to 20 new models hidden in the leaked Android 2.1 ROM last week. Even with the Passion's disappointing delay, it looks like HTC is still owning the Android space—game on, Moto. [Digitimes, pic via Unlockr]