Hulu Coming to Xbox Live?

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Apparently a "very reliable source" told the folks at GearLive that Microsoft will offer Hulu as an Xbox Live service—for a subscription fee, of course. [Gear Live via Engadget]



If this was free, I'd be all over it.

After all, Hulu on the computer is free, why the hell should we pay for a free service?

On another note, doesn't really count as a "Gold member" service. It would if it actually streamed music WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING A GAME. I don't see how is for gold users only if you have to open it to listen to music. Kind of lame, you can't play games, you can't watch movies, you can't do shit while plays. Why the fuck can't you just stream it for offline/singleplayer game use? It makes no sense.


Sorry, I've been meaning to point that out.