Hush Little Baby Robot

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Researchers from the Machine Perception Laboratory at UCSD have developed this baby robot to simulate the development of a 1-year-old. And clearly, they've become somewhat attached to the little automaton with a gigantic head.


The robot baby is named Diego-San, and aside from joy, he's bundled with a high resolution camera and 6-axis accelerometer. And while his coordination is limited to standing from a chair and holding a bottle, Diego-San's face has 20 moving parts to convey emotion without speaking—the engineering of which probably necessitates the freakishly large head.

Illustration for article titled Hush Little Baby Robot

On a related note, what's it mean that I actually feel guilty calling the robot's head "freakish?" My insides feel inexplicably icky, as if I've insulted an actual, helplessly deformed child. [PDF Source via BotJunkie via Geekologie]

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It looks like a model someone would make while trying to pitch a crossover to a studio head between the universes of Chucky and the Terminator.