Last week, a guy boarded the New York City subway, entered a virtual world, and found his way into our hearts. But what could be so enthralling that it might tear VR Guy’s eyes away from the stirring humanity of the L train? We asked our own virtual worlds developers what reality VR Guy was experiencing.

The jokesters among you included all sort of virtual realities that VR Guy might be looking at but I picked the ones that prominently featured VR Guy in the flesh, including AbeVigodasSon’s rendering of a subway simulator (above), as requested. Guess what: VR Guy created a whole website about being VR Guy and VR Guy wants to collaborate with you!


Check them all out here, and remember, the joke is on us: Seeing people wearing VR gear on the subway will be everyone’s reality in like five years.

By Ja’ime Lannister

By 3dp

By stavosws6

By PhilPhil

By Eric Limer, ex-Gizmodo News Editor

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