The sky is blue! Only when it's not gray. Or purple. Or red. Or orange. The clouds are white! Only when they're not gray. Or even darker than that. Basically, the clouds and sky can be anything. But can the sky be a creamsicle orange bubbly thing that looks like we're on an alien planet? Apparently so.

The video was taken by Jason Asselin in Michigan and it's a visual mind trip. The bubbles of orange cotton candy clouds are actually known as Mammatus clouds, which basically means cloud pouches (the bubbles) that hang underneath the base of a cloud. Your regular white Mammatus clouds already look cool, combine them with an all orange sky and if you have something that looks more like a tasty dessert or the setting of a Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs sequel or an alien planet.


Mother Nature, you are so crazy. [Jason Asselin via Laughing Squid]