I Can't Believe This Plane Was Able to Take Off In the Middle of This Sea of Mud

The place: a runway completely flooded with the thickest mud in Bodaybo, Irkutsk region, Russia (where else). The plane: an Antonov An-24. The situation: the An-24 starts take off but it seems it can't gain much speed because of the drag caused by the mud. It looks like it's going to fail big time.


It keeps going and going and things keep getting worse and worse but, at the end, it finally pulls it off. The view from inside of the plane gives you a clear idea of how muddy (and hairy) things got.

p.s. I don't know why the hell I'm looking at videos of airplanes having troubles as I fly over Eastern Seaboard en route to meet Hurricane Sandy (it's still far away from where I am, but the turbulences now are getting crazy now). [English Russia]



So long as it is not physically restraining the plane from motion, the mud has absolutely no bearing on whether the plane will take off or not. The engines will push the plane forward no matter what - the real issue is whether or not the landing gear is being damaged by the force of the propellers pulling them through that muck.