This flash drive will work with your computer, of course, but a hidden MicroUSB plug lets you use it with your favorite Android device as well. The 32GB model is only $25 from Amazon.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro USB Flash Drive for Android | $25

Sony's NEX-6 is a fantastic camera that Gizmodo recommended at $850, calling it the "sweet spot" in the market space, and went on to say it was "hard to imagine a better design." Available today for $525, its lowest price ever, it's an absolute steal.


If you really only need a point and shoot and want amazing pictures, buy the Sony RX100 II, and if you're doing serious photography, then you know you want the A7. For everyone in between who wants interchangeable lenses, don't miss this deal.

If you have access to a .edu email address, you can get a just-replaced MacBook Air for as little as $650 right now (or even less if you click "Buying Options" and snag an open box model). Since Apple just released spec-bumped Airs with $100 price cuts, Best Buy has lowered prices of the (still awesome) previous generation models by $200.


In addition to that discount, anyone with a .edu email address can get an additional $150 off the MacBook of your choice. This is pretty much the best deal you're ever going to see on Apple laptops. [Best Buy]

While its screen leaves something to be desired, nothing in the gaming laptop world can compete with the Razer Blade's polish and build quality.

Razer Blade Gaming Laptop | $1500

Boldly pay less than any man one has paid before with this deal on the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The series is also in process of being released on blu-ray, and we cover deals on those sets as well, but you'll be paying significantly more.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Complete Series | $102

I never learned how to properly use the sharpening steel that came with my knife set, so about a month ago I bought this thing instead. It'll give new life to your old knives, and it's basically impossible to screw up.

If you're worried about storing it, it's actually only a few inches long. Much smaller than the picture makes it seem.

KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener | $6

This little dongle can add Bluetooth capabilities to just about any set of speakers.

Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 Music Audio Receiver Adapter | $23 | Promo Code MPOWAPTX

You've probably already heard about how this wake-up light can transform your morning, and now you can own one for just over $50. We posted this yesterday, but it sold out pretty quickly. It's back in stock for now, so act fast.

Update: Sold out for now, but it tends to go in and out. Keep checking!

Philips Wake-Up Light | $52 | Clip the $10 Coupon

We've got a couple of wallet-friendly NAS deals today. The QNAP has a faster processor more solid reviews than the Shuttle, but the Shuttle is $25 cheaper if you feel like taking a chance.

Today on Amazon, you can snag a previous-gen Kindle Fire HD for under $100. It's not an amazing tablet, but if you just want to watch some videos or read some comic books, that's a fantastic deal. E-Ink Kindles are still on sale as well.

Sennheiser CX 215 Earphones | $20

This little flashlight was the second most-popular product on Gawker Media last year, and it's back down near it's lowest price ever today.

Mini Cree LED Flashlight with Adjustable Focus | $3

For $17 you get the following:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man HD [Digital]
  • $15 Fandango credit for tickets to The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • $5 off pre-order of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Blu-ray or Digital

The Amazing Spider-Man MoviePack

The Mohu Curve is basically the Mohu Leaf that we know and love, but with a stand so you can set it next to your bronze statues and candelabras, instead of hanging it from your wall.

Mohu Curve 30 Designer HDTV Antenna | $48

Nintendo has announced that any purchase of Mario Kart 8 will net you a free game if you register by July 31. Free selection includes Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario Bros. U, and Wii Party U. So yeah, that's probably the best pre-order deal from Nintendo ever. [Nintendo]

While newer, thinner versions have come out, the original Jambox is still pretty svelte, and you can own one for only $70 today.

Refurb Jawbone Jambox | $70

Amazon is running quite the sale on Kindle Books today, the highlight of which for many will be several Vonnegut classics while we'll link to directly. Of course, we recommend browsing the whole selection.




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