Microsoft Just Gave the Xbox One a CPU Boost

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Not only is the Xbox One's graphics powers getting better, the CPU in the Xbox One is now going to be faster than what was announced. The Xbox One's CPU will now clock in at 1.75GHz which beats the 1.6GHz speed we originally thought we were going to get. Free hertz is always a win.


Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi told the Citi Global Technology Conference that Microsoft was able to make another technical boost to get the CPU up to 1.75GHz and that the Xbox One is currently in production and on target for a November 2013 launch. Though this is good news, it seems like everything announced at the Xbox One event has been either unannounced or re-announced. [Geekwire]


Mark Schroeder

I can't wait for the overheating deaths of this system. Have they not learned their lesson? Also maybe this is a sign that they believe that their system really is weak and they need to pull out all the stops in order to make it a worthy foe to Sony