That Senshi came from the Moon! Sailor Moon Crystal returns for a trip into space - and man, if you thought last time was an infodump, you're in for a treat...

Act 10 picks up where we left off - with Luna's intent for the Senshi to go to the Moon and receive yet another info dump about their origins (I'm pretty sure at this point in the plot the Senshi exist merely to move from one plot dump to the next), when the next full moon occurs. The gang split up to wait for a few days, but not before remarking on how much happier Usagi seems to be - something even her parents notice. Fast foward to full moon time, and the girls reconvene in the park to travel to the Moon - what could it possibly be? Spaceship? A giant Luna-shaped Rocket? Moon prism power teleport? A really, really tall ladder?

Nope, magic space ball thing. I'm kinda disappointed even if that's been established as the Senshi's mode of floaty-transport over the past few episodes. Apparently their's an atmosphere on the Moon though, considering the girls disperse their magic space ball and don't instantly asphyxiate. What's keeping them alive? There's no Sailor-suit-themed breathing masks. They even comment that there's no sound there at all, the vacuum of space making the moon a soundless void. So what on, err.. Moon, are they breathing!? MY SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF FOR THIS MAGICAL GIRL SHOW HAS BEEN COMPLETELY RUINED. Anyway, the girls spy the ruins of the former Moon Kingdom, and go for a visit. And of course, another plot dump!

The Senshi find themselves in the former Crystal tower at the heart of the Moon Castle, and find themselves welcomed by a hologram of the former Queen Serenity - who somehow downloaded herself into the Castle's systems before she perished sealing Metalia. We get another reminder of how Serenity used to travel down to Earth to see its natural beauty, how she fell in love with Endymion, and how Metalia enthralled humanity to destroy the Moon Kingdom. Yadda yadda yadda - we literally just had this same infodump last time SMC, did we really need it again? Before the Queen's hologram (and thus, presumably her soul) disperses, she retasks the Senshi with guarding Usagi, and wishes her reincarnated Daughter happiness. D'aaaw. But Moon plot dump time is over, and the team head back to Earth, their desire to discover their origins stronger than ever. Err, again that is. It's not like they've learned this three times in a row or anything.


Meanwhile in the Dark Kingdom, it's time for a completely different plot dump - at least this one's new! Finally, SMC is utilising the Shittenou it saved from their Manga fates, as we find Kunzite and Co. spying on Queen Beryl as she visits Metalia. The two don't have much to say to each other really - 'Yo that Princess is out there we should stop her or something, also more energy to take over the world would be nice' - but Beryl reveals that she needs to act hastily before the Shittenou's memories return, which ironically invokes the return of their memories. Woops!

It turns out that the Shittenou were essentially the Sailor Senshi to Endymion - his personal retinue of Knights from Earth. Gasp! The Shittenou are understandably pissed to find themselves having been duped by Beryl, but before anything actually interesting could come out of this confrontation between Kunzite and Beryl, she hastily re-dominates their minds, making them evil again. I mean, okay, I know Sailor Moon Crystal doesn't want to diverge from the Manga too much, but it's kind of a shame for them to just get reverted to being Beryl's henchmen in about 5 seconds. Still, it'll be something for the show to pick up on later.


Now we get to the part where SMC remembers that all it's done for the past 20 minutes is plot dump, so Beryl sends the Shittenou to freeze Tokyo (because reasons). The Sailor Senshi detect the temperature fluctuations and arrive on the scene to intervene, and we actually start getting a pretty cool fight scene - Venus gets to run up the side of a building like a bit of a badass - before everything gets slammed to a halt again so we can plot dump about what we just got plot dumped on us. God dammit, SMC. Venus reveals to the rest of the Senshi that she knows the Shittenou's true origin, and furthermore, they fell in love with each other in their past lives (a hint to this famous drawing by Naoko Takeuchi at the end of the Manga's run depicting the Senshi and Shittenou paired off). Meanwhile, Sailor Moon uses the plot dump distraction to unfreeze Tokyo, and the rest of the Senshi rally to unite their powers, unleash a new attack - Sailor Planet Attack! Which is honestly a pretty rad name for what looked like a kinda meh Energy attack. As per usual, the Shittenou teleport away before they're killed, and live to fight and/or plot dump another day.


While her henchman flee, Beryl attends to Mamoru's body and casts a spell on him, just as she did to the Shittenou - bringing him under her control. Dun dun dun! The evil Mamoru (you can tell by the vacant stare and the glowy red eyes) is dispatched by Beryl to Earth, to find and kill Usagi...

And thus, the bi-weekly Sailor Moon backstory recap show ends for another week! Hopefully now that we've had all this backstory dumped on us, the series can move on to driving the plot forward a bit more. Please SMC, hold off on the infodumps for a while now.

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