America loves porn. Everybody loves porn. And according to data from Pornhub, we are increasingly loving porn from mobile devices rather than desktops. How does you your state measure up? Pornhub has a map to help you find out.

In all 50 states, we watch most of our porn on mobile devices, although it's not the same break down in every state. New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont hover just above 50 percent mobile porn watching, while other states like West Virginia, Texas and Kentucky are well over 70 percent. Meanwhile Maine seems to be leading the pack when it comes to using the desktop.


Just highlight your home state over on Pornhub's map for a complete breakdown.

And then there's the the case of Kansas, for which Pornhub reports a whopping 79 percent mobile traffic. This isn't the first time Kansas has been pinpointed as an outlier. You see, because Kansas is in the the exact center of the country the geocoder that turns IP addresses into locations spits out Kansas whenever the location can't be decoded. In a previous Pornhub study, this made it look like Kansas was watching way, way more porn than it actually was.


So is this map completely 100 percent accurate? No. But it does tell the important story: When it comes to getting our rocks off, we're turning to mobile first. As for consoles? They might be fun for playing games, but not so much for playing for ourselves. You can explore Pornhub's state stats in greater detail over on its (mostly SFW) site. [Pornhub]